Kids Love the Beach Buddy Beach Tote Bag

Kids love the beach tote bags.
They can't lose their beach bag when it is sewn to the towel!

Beach tote bags come in Child and Adult sizing
Thick, high quality towels are comfy and last a long time.

Kids use their beach tote bags everywhere!
Also great for the trip to Grandma's house!

Beach Tote Bags with Built in Beach Towel

The beach towel is sewn in to the bag, so you never lose your stuff!

B&B Designs produces Beach Buddy beach bag totes (patented) in both child and adult sizes. Not wasting any fabric from our Beach Buddy beach bag totes, we started making hair scrunchies and our most popular item “Cool Puffs” (reusable neck coolers). More recent additions to our line include smocks and aprons in child and adult sizes, drawstring backpacks, kids coloring book totes and fabric bottle wrappers.

The “Beach Buddy” design is a patented product. All products are hand made with care and expertise in the San Francisco Bay Area - truly, a California original that makes a great gift!  Come back soon as we continue to add more products to our new web site!

These are a Great Gift Idea!
Our Beach Tote Bags
Come in a Wide Selection of Patterns & Colors in 2 Sizes
They Hold Everything You Need, Including the Sewn-In
Full-Size Beach Towel
Beach Tote Bags come in a wide variety of patterns
Create your own beach tote bag from over 20 fabric patterns and over 20 colors for the thick bath sheet sewn into the bag, for over 400 custom combinations!
Beach Towel pulled out from Tote Bag, along with all the contents of the bag!
On the outside, the adult beach tote bag has a divided Velcro pocket – one side is open to carry a paperback book, water bottle, iPod, magazine and a closed side for carrying things like a cell phone, sunglasses, wallet, keys, money – anything you don’t want lost in the sand at the beach!
It is Easy to Fold your
Beach Tote Bag
Keep Cool with Cool Puffs!

Every Beach Buddy Beach Tote Bag comes with the simple instructions for folding the bag. Once you do it the first time, you will see how easy it is! The kids will have fun folding up their Beach Tote Bags, too!

Cool Puffs keep you cool
Don't let a hot day make you lose your cool! Just soak our Neck Cooler in water and the amazing gel inside soaks up 200 times its own size. Wrap the neck cooler around your neck or forehead and it will help you feel cooler for up to 8 hours! Click to learn more about our personal cooling system.

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